Gmail account troubleshooting

by Deepal on July 23, 2012

You can login to Gmail in two different ways. First way is through Gmail Web Interface which you can see at and second way you can use is by Gmail remotely which you can use by desktop or through mobile. Both of these login methods have their own advantages and drawbacks.

Gmail login is not limited to any specific computer or location, as a Gmail user you can access your email from anywhere as long as they have internet connection available there. Remote clients such as desktop email, thunderbird, and Microsoft Outlook have their own advantages. You can even access your emails without any kind of internet connection. These emails can be stored on local device instead of remote server due to which you will be able to access these emails without internet connection also.

One of the major problems that faced by users is that Gmail web interface does not allow user to switch accounts or use more than one account simultaneously, besides that, the other problem is privacy modes which can be fixed easily. Many other browsers come with the privacy modes and you can use that privacy mode separately to login to Gmail account.

You can also use Greasmonkey script Google Account Multi-Login is another way. However keep in mind that it does not make you able to use two accounts at a time but it does provide you to switch between accounts directly by using web interface.

Gmail Account Login Troubleshooting

Gmail user that faces the login problems must analyze the situation by answering following questions:-

Does the website of Gmail loading properly?

Are passwords and usernames provided accepted by Gmail?

Does Gmail website list any kind of error message?

There are few “best practices” available while you deal with login problems on Gmail website. The actual url of Gmail website is First of all you have to make sure that the actual website load properly. You can do this by clearing your internet cache or by using another browser to get access to Homepage of Gmail website. This can be done when you see either blank page or partially loaded Gmail home page while loading the Gmail website.

First you have to open your browser and enter in the address bar of your browser. You have to see whether Gmail is loading the page or showing an error message. If so, you have to clear the cache of the browser first and try to load Gmail again, or you can also try another browser. The other popular browsers which you can use to get access to your email are Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. If you are failed to get access your Gmail account from any of the other browsers also the more chances are firewall, router, or some kind of virus are blocking your access to Gmail.

In that case you have to try force the Google so that they transfer the Gmail website anew to your local computer. You can force refresh by pressing Ctrl+F5 on your Gmail website. This is actually a way to tell the server of Google to transfer all of your files anew and to do this Google will bypass the cache of local browser.

Another effort you can do by trying to get access to your Gmail account from another computer to see whether the Gmail website is loading properly from that computer or not.

Forgotten username or password

There is a help document available for forgotten usernames and passwords or the usernames and passwords that do not accepted by login page of Gmail. After filling that required form the Gmail will resend the forgotten data and you will be able to access your Gmail account again.

You can retrieve your required account information through “cannot access my account” page. You can always find direct links of these important pages to solve the problems.

Locked Google Mail account

Sometimes you are unable to log in into your Gmail account because the Google has locked your account. Google do this when something like “Abnormal usage” shows that the account has been compromised and this is automatic. Normally it takes 24 hours to reinstate your account. The reasons for locked account are following:-

  • When someone receive, delete or down load huge number of emails in short period
  • When someone sent huge number of emails in short period and those emails return back as undeliverable.
  • When someone start using file storage, browser extension, or file sharing software for automatically logging in your account.
  • Someone hack your account.
  • Someone try to run multiple instances of Google mail

Sometimes you have trouble in Gmail login because of hacking. To avoid this you have to follow Mail Security Checklist created by Google in order to keep your computer safe and clean. In this the Google has recommended to check your computer whether it has malware, or viruses. After cleaning it change your Gmail login password and be sure that you are using a secure connection while connecting to Gmail.

As a Gmail user you need to analyze this situation in detail before sending a troubleshoot request. In this guide we have make sure that we include all the possible reasons that why a person is failed to access his Gmail account. We also encourage those Google users who already experience such problems to share their experiences with other users.


To improve the level of log in security the Google has introduced new verification option which is on 2 steps. In this new system there is a temporary code generated and sent to your smart phones which needed to be entered during Gmail login. This is a second level of security which is introduced by Google to avoid hackers and attackers. All Gmail users can configure this new 2 step verification process in their Account Settings. It is highly recommended that you should also include backup phone so that you remain able to access your account in case if your phone stolen or lost.