Google web history

by Deepal on August 9, 2012

Everyone know we are always under tracking when we are online. Mainly Google tracks our all activities on internet for many reasons. May be security or analytic purpose. You know how to watch the web history on your web browser. This feature is available on every internet browser such as IE, Firefox or Google Chrome. But have you ever been watched your online activity log tracked  by Google?

Google starts tracking your online search related activities once you login to your Gmail or Google account. I get in touch with this feature by accident but it was really fun to scroll through my old search queries. Everything recorder and assigned to your profile which you has logged in at the moment.

It’s really simple to view this web search history.

1 Log in to your Gmail account.
2 Click on the username at top right.
3 Select account tab from left sidebar.
4 Click go to web history at the bottom of the page.
5 Then you will be redirected to following screen.

gmail login web history

Here you can see all of your search queries recorded  you made on Google by date and time. You can simply reopen the search result by clicking on them. Jump to earlier date is possible by clicking on the calendar at top right. Filtered view is also available at left sidebar. as Web, Images, News, Shopping, Maps, etc.

This tool will help you to quick jump for your old search results when you not remember the exact search query. Just have a try on it.