Introduction to Gmail login user interface

by Deepal on July 16, 2012

01. As soon as you completed the setup process, the following icon will be appeared on your desktop and also a shortcut will be available in your start menu. Click on icon for first run.

gmail login icon





02. The following window will appear and prompt for your Gmail login details as it require to login your Gmail account in order to import friends list from it. Just enter your Username and password and click sign in to start. Beside of login in to your account You can select Create a new gmail account or Forgot password If you don’t have a Gmail account or you have lost your password.

gmail login user interface 1













03. In next screen the software will load your online friends list from your Gmail account.

gmail login user interface 2













04. You can simply click on the friend’s name and open conversation box to hang with them.

gmail login user interface 3