Top 10 Google products you should know

by Deepal on June 11, 2012

When we talk about internet, Google is the first name come up than any other trade names. It’s a true and funny fact over 90% of internet users are simply type and hit to see whether their internet connection is working properly. Behind those things, Google has very powerful products spread over wide range. Here are the top 10 Google products among them.

top ten google products can use with gmail login details

01. Google search

It’s almost everything on internet. Biggest piece of search volume on internet belongs to Google. There is no one don’t know about Google search. Still have no competitor to challenge the Google’s search engine authority.

02. Gmail

Gmail is the official e mail service of Google. Having an gmail account is totally free and most probably the most stable mail server on internet. This free service also stuffed with Spam filter, Google chat and interaction with Picasa web albums and Google docs including 10GB storage.

03. Google Webmaster tools

No need introductions to web developers. webmaster tools have wider capability to track fine stats of any website listed in Google. This free service can provide in detail reports about visibility of your site in Google search results.

04. Google Analytics

Another god for webmasters. As same as webmaster tools, Analytics can track every and each movement of visitors on your site. Equipped with number of visitors, new visitors rate, Bump rate, visitors route on your website and many fine details which helps you to identify weak points and things to develop on your website.

05. Google zeitgeist

I’m sure most of people are unaware about this product. zeitgeist has footprints of most searched terms on Google search. Currently zeitgeist have 11 archives year by year from 2001 to 2011. You may find many interesting facts there.

06. Google trends

Another webmaster supporter in Google family. Google trends have details about raising trends on search terms in Google. Details are also available according to geographic sort outs. You can have a snapshot of global trends in few seconds.

07. Google adwords

This is the vise versa of Google Adsense. There is one most valuable tool for webmasters in adwords. “Google Keyword Tool”. No one make enough competition to reach the place of Google Keyword Tool since it’s the most loving by webmasters in finding their niches and keywords.

08. Google Adsense

The biggest advertising network around the world. Millions of advertisers and publishers are there.

09. Blogger

Have a piece of internet. Blogger facilitate you to run a Free blog about you, your interest or business. One of the most popular blogging platforms on internet.

10. Google maps

There are two projects as Google maps and Google earth. Both are supports and provide details about your current geographic locations. Find destinations and tag images, info, videos over places you visited.

The most amazing thing is you can access all of these services, once you have your gmail login id and password. Only Adsense require prior administration review before accept your membership among all above services. There are lots more services and Projects run by Google online and offline such as Google reader, feed burner, news, etc. But I listed here only services I think people must know about.