Will Google plus succeed?

by Deepal on July 3, 2012

google plusGoogle plus is no strange to internet users thanks to authority of Google ad networks their authority all around the internet. You can simply get in with gmail login details. But it matters   about the popularity when Google plus take separately and consider how visitors are interact with it. You must have been it to Google + at least once to see whether which kind of bug is this? But it really inspired you to hang on with it? Some statistics shows that average users make less than 1 public share and no more than 1 like or interacts and the interesting fact is this average also steadily going down.

Google has a long history in Social networking sites from Orkut to Google plus,  which has mile posts of Google wave, Google buzz. And they have finally ended up with this plus which is seems like a combination of Twitter and Facebook. Still there no sign of competition to Facebook.

When the initial launch of Google plus there were limited members through special invitations and they were hottest tickets around the world to receive an invitation to join Google +. Most of people believe the extreme popularity of Facebook made the future path of Google + harder.

There is no doubt, Google have authority on internet. They can go for more unique designs what people are looking and waiting for. We hope a big change in near future.